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Geography (ACARA)

Years 7 Water in the world (how water is used and valued as a renewable environmental resource. Explore the interaction and interconnections between the environment and people).

Year 7 Place and liveability (looking at how liveability is perceived and measured, and the responsibilities and impacts of people on the sustainability of livable places).

Year 8 Landforms and landscapes (how landforms are shaped, distinctive aspects and the environmental and cultural significance of landscapes to people in Australia and countries of the Asia region).

Year 8 Changing nations ( the social, political an economic impacts of population redistribution on the human geography in a particular country - Australia, China and the USA).

Year 9 Biomes and food security (how the environment impacts on food and fibre production, explore natural and agricultural ecosystems, investigate impacts of changes in these environments on food production and food security).

Year 9 Geographies of interconnections (how the choices and actions of people impact on places and environments, examine local and global connections and interconnections}.

Year 10 Environmental change and management (investigate environmental geography using the study of a specific type of environment, sustainability and the impact of environmental world views).

Year 10 Geographies of human wellbeing (the differences in human wellbeing at global, national and local levels. Explore and evaluate human wellbeing concepts, causes, measures and programs designed to reduce differences within and between countries).


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