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Year 7: The Ancient World, 60 000 BC (BCE) to c.650 AD(CE)

Year 8: The Ancient to the Modern World, c. 650 AD (CE) to 1750

The Vikings (c.790 - c.1066)

Renaissance Italy (c.1400 - c.1600)

Medieval Europe (c.590 - c.1500)

The Ottoman Empire (c.1299 - c.1683)

Angkor/Khmer Empire (c.802 - c.1431)


Japan under the Shoguns' (c.794 - 1867)

The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific (c.700 - 1756)

The Spanish Conquest of the Americas (c. 1492 - c. 1572)

American Beginnings : 1492 - 1690 (National Humanities Centre)
Ancient Inca (Kids
The Incredible Incas
Deciphering Mayan : A time line
Map of the Mayan World

Year 9: The Making of the Modern World, 1750 to 1918

Year 10: The Modern World and Australia, 1918 to the present

Pathway for the Versailles Treaty Assignment:

A Modern World History GCSE revision site
SEG Syllabus 2120 (Modern World) -
BBC GCSE Bitesize: Treaty of Versailles - (20 page pdf, simulation)
Spartacus Educational -
History on the Net: (search “Treaty of Versailles”)
BBC World War One page -
History of WW2: Treaty of Versailles -
The History Learning Site: Long term causes of World War Two
Primary Documents - Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919 - (especially Article 231)
The Senate and the League of Nations - (US ratification)

Australian History


World Wars

BBC History : World War I -

@RealTimeWWII Livetweeting the 2nd World War, as it happens on this date and time in 1940, & for 6 years to come.
You can see it on Facebook as well:

Industrial Revolution Assignment:

Go to Libraries ACT eResources and with your library number and pin number, search Encyclopaedia Brittanica:

Search for "Industrial Revolution" in Instagrok (use Chrome)
Search for "Industrial Revolution" and keywords at the History Learning Site
Industrial Revolution Research for transportation, textiles and steam power
Check the Industrial Revolution inventions in Schools-Wikipedia Selection

Progressive Ideas and Movements 1750-1914 Assignment

Capitalism links:

Communism links: - 1st page and/or 2nd

Chartism links:

Search for "Chartism" in Instagrok (use Chrome)

Textiles Industry:

Child Labour:

Ancient Egypt

Check in the school library for the
Username and Password for this book.
Scribes - p 54-57
Women - see p 42-47
Other links:
BBC - History: Egyptians -
Egypt's Golden Empire -
Ancient Egypt (British Museum) -

Ancient Egypt : Boats

Egypt's ten greatest discoveries : boats
Egypt's ten greatest discoveries : Egyptian boats

The Eruption of Vesuvius and the Destruction of Pompeii

Pompeii : the eruption of Vesuvius (Britannica) -

Pompeii : the Last Day (Discovery Channel) -

Video : Eruption of Vesuvius (Melbourne Museum - A Day in Pompeii exhibition, 8mins.) -

Volcano Explorer (Discovery Channel) -

Explore the ancient city of Pompei (Discovery Channel) -

Assignment Discovery: Mount Vesuvius Destroys Pompeii (How Stuff Works Videos)
(short, explains pyroclastic blast)